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Not gonna make it

Nope. There is no way I am going to be finished tonight. And I have decided I don't care. Last year, when I started this, some prety amazing events in my life (read: sudden custody of my then nine-year-old halfway through the month) made November a bad month for this stuff. I wound up finishing up in December. I figured this year, now that everybody is settled in, it would be easier. But It's not gonna happen. And I'm not gonna fret about it. I'm going to finish as soon as I can - maybe by the coming weekend - and move on. Talk around the house is that maybe November is a bit too busy around here with Dadstuff, and that maybe a different month is in order, like in the summer. I'm not sure about this, and I'll worry about addressing that issue later. But for now, I'm just here to say that I am going past the deadline, and oh well!
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