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Monday Approacheth

So are you doing a concept album or what this year?

I ask because last year, I decided my project "had" to be a concept album. At first this panicked me, because I was counting on being able to just crank out songs about any old thing until I had an album's worth.

But while this put a limitation on what I could write about, once I decided on a concept (a guy plodding his way through a day of working for a corporate entity), song ideas came flowing in like mad. Not just ideas for the lyrical content, but also ideas about how they would sound musically or in terms of production. By the time November 1st hit, I had a pretty good outline in my head of what song topics to hit and musical sounds to try to capture.

But this year I can't think of a concept to do a whole album on, and now I find myself panicking over the idea of just randomly writing songs- the idea I liked so much last year. I guess I don't like not having some tangible goal in my head. I found last year, as I was taught years ago in creative writing, that imposing limitations on yourself can actually make you more creative.

I've thought about imposing a different kind of concept on myself this year. Instead of a concept for the songs' subject matter, perhaps it will be a musical concept. From something as simple as only using my recently acquired Garage Band software to produce it, to things as complex as never using 4/4, 3/4, or 6/8 time signatures.

I'm still not sure.

Anyway- any thoughts? How's your "pre-NaAl"s going?
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