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Day Three

I must say... things are off to a slow start.

I didn't get much done yesterday at all, other than writing the melody for the tune I started on Monday.

Today I had grand plans of completing an entire tune, start to finish. I wrote the bugger, but haven't gotten much of the recording done. It's got sort of a klezmir/fake chinese music/Bill Evans vibe going on, so naturally I started with tic-tac bass. The frustration started early on, as my (double) bass is in a bit of an autumn snit. There's a crack on the top that gets buzzy every year around this time, which does not make for a pretty sound on record. Once I sort the crack out, I'll record the bass again.

After the tic-tac came the tenor banjo part. It's just a simple off-beat part, and was a breeze to play. Unfortunately, it was nearly impossible to tune. At some point in the last few months, the bridge got knocked out of place and caused a total mess in the realm of intonation. Of course, I didn't notice this until I had spent around fifteen minutes trying to get those fifths just right. I adjusted the bridge, and eventually got an acceptable take down.

At this point, I took a little break to keep from getting too frustrated. When I came back to add the second off-beat part (this time on mandolin), there seemed to be an outbreak of fires, medical emergencies, or burglaries in my neighbourhood. I'm not exactly in the quietest environment to begin with, but I'd rather avoid extremely obvious audio spam from landing on this album. After the sirens faded, I was faced with the task of nailing down the rather difficult mandolin part. After a couple shots, I decided that I was doing nothing but damage to my general well-being and gave up.

Tomorrow is another day. Hopefully It'll be a productive one!
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