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My name is "My name is 'My name is bugfish' "

My day 1

I felt like my day one was a bust. In the morning, I thought I had decided to do a concept album once again, but by midday at work, I realized I wan't going to be coming up with enough lyrics on the subject I chose to fill an album. So I decided to do what I do when I have no lyrical ideas: compose and record the music for each song, and make up the lyrics as needed, in an alost stream-of-conscience manner. This is how such classics as "No Happy Bananas" formed, and it's quite fun.

So last night, I sat with the guitar, which is my primary writing instrument, and came up with bits and pieces of a couple of things, but didn't actually record anything. Though two of the ideas could very easilly lead themselves into being full songs, one of them quite nice, if I revisit them today. They felt terrible last night, because I had a migraine.

So I decided to switch over to keyboards, and pretty much the same thing happened. I hated everything that came out, but I probabaly actually got the starts for a couple more songs.

The trick is this: Any other time of the year, I would probabaly discard all of these ideas that didn't seem to lead me anywhere last night. I can be quite impatient that way. But instead, since I am going to revisit these themes, I could get 2 or three nice things to work with. I will probabaly worry about lyrics and vocals last this time, but unlike last year, I really want to work on some good vocal harmonies.

So after work and voting, it's back to the "drawing board".
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